“When the going gets weird, welcome to Florida.”

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Psychic seeking psycho.


My name is Darla, and I’m a psychometrist.


When I touch objects, I pick up the memories and emotions of other people who have touched them.


I was well into my midlife when I was recruited to serve on the Memory Guild, a secret society of supernaturals and paranormals. Based in one of the nation’s oldest cities, the Guild preserves historical memory while fighting lies and conspiracy theories.


And now a psychopath is trying to assassinate the members of the Guild. Including yours truly.


With the reluctant help of a handsome detective, I try to find out who’s behind the attacks. In between that and trying to stay alive, I also have a day job: running a historic bed-and-breakfast. So I’m kind of busy right now.


I don’t need the unplanned trips though a magic portal and the revealed secrets about my second husband who left me. All while dealing with my wacky witch mother and my trouble-prone daughter.


I’m your typical overworked woman. Except I also have a price on my head.

Enjoy midlife mystery, magic, murder, and mischief, with ties to the Freaky Florida humorous paranormal series.

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