A new midlife paranormal mystery:


Nightmare on memory lane.


I’m Darla. I’m a psychometrist. I can read thoughts and emotions left upon objects. Some people call my ability a “gift.” Some people are idiots.


You see, I’m haunted by the young shifter’s thoughts. He was my daughter’s age when he died. I relive his frightening memories when I touch the ruins of the old, abandoned hospital where he was imprisoned.


The memories are over a century old, yet still vivid. They speak of horrible cruelty and neglect. Of evil and murder.


Now I feel obligated to find justice for him, with the help of the Memory Guild. They’re great at uncovering forgotten history.


But they’re no help whatsoever in helping me solve my problems. Like finding my second husband who disappeared (and I don’t mean metaphorically), without offending the dreamy detective who wants to be more than friends.


Or, teaching my daughter how to help me at my historic inn, without her burning the place down.


Or, making sure my inn’s own resident ghosts behave, without encouraging the Elvis impersonator’s spirit to sing “Hound Dog” at 3:00 a.m.


I’d always believed that in middle age I’d be living the good life. Instead, I’m living the psychic life. Of magic, mayhem, and murder.

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