A new midlife paranormal mystery:


Keep your hands to yourself.


There I go again, touching things I shouldn’t.


A knife my antique-dealer mother bought at an estate sale holds the memories of a terrified young woman about to be abducted by a werewolf.


You see, I’m a psychometrist. I can read the memories people leave behind on the objects they touch. And this ability gets me into a lot of trouble.


I feel obligated to save the young woman before she is killed. And it turns out that she’s not the first woman this shifter has taken. Nor will she be the last. The others are turning up dead.


I’m a member of the supernatural Memory Guild, but I’m no detective. (I do, however, have a sexy detective helping me.) I’m just a middle-aged innkeeper with a 300-year-old bed-and-breakfast, a witchy mother, and a trouble-prone daughter. All of them demand a lot of attention.


When you throw into the mix an evil necromancer raising the dead, and an ancient magical stone, well, things get wicked complicated.


And I have to solve this mystery before someone else is killed. Namely me.

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© 2021 by Ward Parker.