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A new midlife paranormal mystery:


News flash: I’m a middle-aged psychic, not a superhero.


The small city of San Marcos, Florida, rarely experiences murder. But when a human is attacked by the legendary Questing Beast, it threatens to shatter the secrecy cloaking the supernaturals living among humans. That could be a catastrophe for all of us who aren’t normals.


And I’m taking this personally, because the monster was going to eat me. Whom it presumably ate instead was my dentist, and I had an appointment coming up for a root canal. I say presumably, because no one actually saw the beast swallow my dentist. With help from my psychometry, I embark on a frantic quest to find out if the Questing Beast really killed him, and if so, how to explain it to the police.


It’s not the first mythological monster to show up in San Marcos. It won’t be the last. And though the monsters are coming to kill me, a lot of normal humans end up as collateral damage.


Meanwhile, I have a Fae priest living in my inn (and creating an absolute mess). He won’t shut up about the Faerie Queene being held prisoner by a rogue faction of her court. Like, I’m supposed to rescue her? Why me?


So, what exactly can I do, aside from use my newly discovered healing powers? I’d better find out, and fast.

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