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Even monsters deserve a place to retire.


Centuries-old vampires who play pickleball. Werewolves who surf naked beneath the full moon. A beginner witch who accidentally casts a laxative spell instead of protection spell. You’ll meet them and a lot more in Snowbirds of Prey, the first novel of the humorous urban fantasy series called Freaky Florida. Coming soon!

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Here are a couple of thrilling Kindle Short Reads that are perfect for a brief escape during a lunch break, on a plane, or while you're stuck in a waiting room.

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Recent Novels

Beneath the glitter of Gilded Age Palm Beach,

monsters lurk in the shadows.

Dr. Frank Follett teams up with Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) in Gilded Age Palm Beach when a young girl who channels Follett’s dead wife is abducted by a serial killer. Desperate to communicate again with his wife, he searches for the girl, encountering supernatural creatures that upend his rigid faith in science.

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Cover of Palm Beach, Florida supernatural historical mystery The Teratologist
Cover of Florida crime mystery thriller Pariah

"Pariah, occupying a space in the great literary tradition of Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey. Somebody referred to it as, 'Southern grit lit,' I just call it a hoot! Bring on the next one, Ward."

—Tom Turner, author of the Charlie Crawford Palm Beach Mystery Series 

Identity theft isn’t just wrecking Zeke’s life.

It could cost him his life.

Fishing on a Florida beach before dawn, Zeke Adams lands something big. A corpse. Then his day goes downhill from there: he learns his name is on the sexual offender list due to identify theft and his half-sister might be held by human traffickers. Oh yeah, and his neighbors want him to move and the cops are watching him.

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