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Fast-paced urban fantasy and paranormal mystery novels with plenty of the supernatural, a sprinkling of horror, a touch of romance, and a big splash of humor.

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Memory Guild

Midlife paranormal mystery thrillers


My name is Darla and I'm a psychometrist. That means I can read other people's memories by touching objects they’ve touched. That's a dangerous ability to have when you live in 500-year-old city, run a 300-year-old bed-and-breakfast, and have a mother (a witch) who owns an antique shop.


But it's why I was recruited to the Memory Guild, and it helps me investigate mysteries from the present and the past. Like murders. And why my second husband disappeared. Now that I’ve reached my fifties, life has gotten wild.


In the tradition of paranormal women’s fiction, except that the author has a Y chromosome.


Complete 10-novel series. See the books.

Monsters of Jellyfish Beach

Paranormal mystery adventures


You’d think I’ve had enough of monsters after being a home-health nurse for retired vampires and werewolves. You’d think concentrating on my witchcraft and helping run an occult shop would be enough for me.


And you’d be wrong. Because I received a grant from the Friends of Cryptids Society. And they want me to catalog additional monsters, keep them from getting into trouble, and help them when they do. Sort of a cross between an occult detective and a monster wrangler.


In sleepy Jellyfish Beach, Florida, the murder rate is way higher than you’d expect for a small city. And I try to find the culprits to make sure they’re not monsters. Thankfully, I have a ghost and my iguana witch’s familiar to help me. Along with my cute reporter friend who is dead set on marrying me.


This is a follow-up series to Freaky Florida, but it stands on its own, and you can start with either series.


See the books.

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Freaky Florida

Part paranormal mystery, part urban fantasy, two parts satirical humor.


A madcap mixture of magic, monsters, and Florida Man. Follow midlife nurse and witch Missy Mindle as she solves murders blamed on her retired vampire patients, rescues an injured dragon with a price on its head, uncovers magical secrets in her past while battling ghouls, tries to stop an uprising of enchanted garden gnomes, and much, much more.


Complete seven-novel series. See the books.

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