Retirement is deadly.


Centuries-old vampires who play pickleball. Aging werewolves who surf naked beneath the full moon. To survive, they must keep their identities secret, but all the dead humans popping up may spell their doom. Can Missy Mindle, midlife amateur witch save them?


A serial killer—human or supernatural—has been depositing bodies drained of blood near Squid Tower in Jellyfish Beach, Florida. If the police discover these beachfront condos are filled with retired vampires, the residents will be staked on sight. Missy, widowed and starting over as a home-health nurse for elderly supernaturals, has to play detective with a little help from her magick. She and a cute local reporter try to prove that the murderer doesn’t live at Squid Tower—and not get themselves killed in the process.


Snowbirds of Prey kicks off Freaky Florida, a clean, humorous fantasy series filled with magic, monsters, and mystery; sarcasm and satire; and, of course, Florida Man. If you love the thrills of urban fantasy, the wit of cozy witch mysteries and paranormal women’s fiction, and a big splash of comedy, this series is for you. Grab this book and enjoy a vacation in Jellyfish Beach today.

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Gators. Pythons. Iguanas.


Why not? It’s Florida.


Missy, midlife amateur witch and nurse to elderly supernaturals, has two problems. First, she found a young, injured dragon in the Everglades with a price on its head. Second, her vampire patient Schwartz has disappeared after getting caught by Customs with werewolf blood. (It’s like Viagra for vampires. Don’t ask.)


There are many bizarre creatures in the Everglades, native and non-native, but who knew dragons were among them? And this isn’t just any young dragon. This is a dragon prophesied to restore its species to greatness. That’s why an evil, ancient god wants to destroy it, and an almost-as-evil CEO tries to capture it. Missy has to protect the dragon while it heals (and snacks on the iguanas in her neighborhood). Too bad she also has to locate and rescue Schwartz before he gets staked. Her best weapon is her not-always-dependable magick. And she is learning that she inherited much more power from the parents she never knew than she had realized.

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Embrace your destiny. Even if it kills you.


After a failed marriage and burnout from her hospital nursing career, Missy Mindle has started over in midlife. She’s now a home-health nurse to elderly vampires and werewolves in Florida. And she’s also improving her craft as a witch.


But suddenly she has two mysteries to solve. First, who is making a series of dangerous magick attacks against her that appear to be tests of her growing witchy abilities? And who is stealing corpses from funeral homes in Jellyfish Beach? When an embalmer is murdered, one of Missy’s patients, a werewolf, is arrested. Can she exonerate him?


She gets plenty of unsolicited advice from a 400-year-old ghost. And also from the Fates. The three ancient Greek goddesses happen to live in a trailer park nearby. They know whether she’ll survive or not, but that’s the one thing they’re not saying.

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They’re coming for you


Midlife witch Missy Mindle seriously bungled a spell. Now, garden gnomes throughout Jellyfish Beach, Florida, are becoming possessed by an evil force and are exacting retribution for the indignities they’ve suffered under humans. If you have a gnome, you’d better beware. Missy has to undo the fast-spreading spell and stop the surge of “accidental” human deaths. The problem is, her regular job is home-health nurse for elderly supernaturals, and she also has to solve the murder of one of her patients, a member of the Werewolf Women’s Club. She has help from Matt, her reporter friend, but, like the gnomes, the werewolves are out for revenge.


And something is coming for her, too.

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