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Beneath the glitter of

Gilded Age Palm Beach, monsters lurk in the shadows.


In 1902, the world is full of new wonders, from telephones to motorcars. Dr. Frank Follett studies physical deformities for the new medical specialty called teratology, the name derived from the Greek word for “monster.”


But in this modern era, he never expected to encounter real monsters.

Traumatized by his service in the Philippine-American War, he travels to the resort of Palm Beach, Florida, to recuperate. There, he is amazed by two patients who not only have physical challenges, but paranormal abilities as well. A young child, born without limbs, channels the spirit of Follett’s late beloved wife. A wealthy young man, born with the appearance of a hairy monster, is also a telepath. Follett struggles to reconcile his scientific mind with the phenomena he encounters.


Then the limbless girl is kidnapped by a serial killer who has been striking each tourist season. And the young man becomes possessed by a malevolent entity and goes on a murderous rampage.


Follett and fellow tourist Mark Twain risk their lives to try to rescue the young girl and stop the monster’s killing spree. The question remains: What is deadlier, supernatural monsters or those of the human kind? Find out in The Teratologist, the first in a series of historical thrillers immersed in horror.


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“I found myself utterly swept up and blown away. . . I read the whole thing in a single night, unable to look away, captivated throughout. This was a welcome discovery of a treasure, and I was delighted to realize it’s the first in a series. Will be eagerly awaiting the next!”

—Christine Morgan, The Horror Fiction Review


"One part historical fiction, one part thriller, one part horror, one part steampunk... altogether a lot of amazing parts in this novel! I loved it!"

—Armand Rosamilia, author of the Dirty Deeds crime thriller serie

"Parker delivers good, old-fashioned chills and thrills."
—Scott Nicholson, bestselling author of The Red Churc


"The Teratologist is a gripping medical thriller of suspense and parapsychological action that reads like a Robin Cook thriller, but with the added impact of the supernatural; all cemented in a Florida backdrop and the sense of a bygone era."

—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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