I’m a rare species in Florida: a resident who was actually born here.  However, at the age of two I was brought north by parents who mistakenly thought I’d remain small and cute like the baby alligators Florida tourists bring home.


After growing up in Connecticut, I attended the University of Pennsylvania and Kings College, London. I have worked for TV Guide Magazine, a Colorado newspaper, an Arkansas TV station and advertising agencies in Dallas, Miami and New York City. At one time, I lived in a funky cottage community that had formerly been a pineapple plantation. It was on Florida’s Indian River, in a place once called Eden. That town has disappeared from the maps, but has been resurrected in Pariah, the first of the Zeke Adams series of mystery novels.


I’m a founding partner of Brown Parker & DeMarinis, a South Florida ad agency that works with hospitals. My admiration of physicians is a major influence of The Teratologist historical dark fantasy series. At the turn of the 20th Century, the time period of The Teratologist, there was a surge in medical innovation. However, back then, doctors had to battle a tremendous amount of ignorance and superstition. I wondered, how would a man who strictly adhered to evidence-based science confront superstitions that turned out to be real? That’s how Dr. Frank Follett was born.


I’m a member of the Mystery Writers of America and an Active member of the Horror Writers Association. My short fiction has appeared in numerous genre, literary and mainstream publications. I enjoy reading, photography, beachcombing, kayak fishing and spending time with my wife and cats. 


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