A new midlife paranormal mystery:


Destined for craziness


Magic runs in my family. I even married a guy who unknowingly had latent magic. But in the Chesswick family of witches, the magic gene skipped a generation. Namely, mine. So, I can only watch from afar as my daughter learns the ancient craft.


Until a magic tutor I hired ends up dead, and my daughter is falsely accused of his murder.


Now, it’s time for me to get involved. I might not have magic, but I have telepathy and a mind-blowing ability of psychometry. I can read the thoughts and memories of the real killer, and, boy, they take me down a twisted path.


On the way, I discover other abilities I haven’t harnessed yet. Maybe they have something to do with what a faerie, who showed up at my inn, said:


That I have a destiny of greatness and will either be an ally or enemy of the Fae.


Whatever. I have a daughter to protect, an inn to run, and a clogged toilet in haunted room 303 to fix. Priorities, folks.

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