A new midlife paranormal mystery:


I’ve really stepped in it this time.


They say if you accept a gift from the Fae, you’ll forever be in debt to them. And they always collect on their debts. I wish someone had told me this before a faerie gave me an enchanted pearl.


It comes at an awkward time, because the supernatural guilds of San Marcos are preparing for an invasion by the Fae, who want to restore their primacy over humans. And I’m trying to learn about my new powers and the responsibilities that come with them.


As if I don’t have enough on my plate, my first husband has been charged with the murder of his business partner. I agree to help exonerate him with my psychometry, which turns out to be a dangerous decision. There’s enough danger already, with the Fae unleashing monsters in our quaint tourist city. 


Do you think this will affect the bookings at my inn?


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